What we do

Propelling the
therapeutic choices to
reach patients globally

We focus on unmet needs of pediatric, geriatric and women care from diagnosis to positive treatment outcome.

As a Swiss company, we strive to embody the values associated with our home country. We strive for excellence, are committed to quality, and are driven by innovative genius. We bring together the reliability ensured by our team's deep, complementary expertise and the flexibility of our modern, agile approach.

Your Partner for
Advancing Healthcare

Our commercial models are tailored to meet our partners' portfolio needs, from full agency, out-licensing, contract sales agreements, or a combination. Whether launching in a new market or expanding reach in established markets, we ensure your products and portfolio are backed by robust commercial, regulatory, and access strategies. We offer customized collaboration:

Execute a commercial launch strategy that sets your innovation apart and ensures excellence across the product life cycle.

Understand the most effective research and clinical development strategy in Europe and emerging markets.

Manage all your product commercialization and market expansion needs with a high degree of focus on compliance

Strategize effectively to drive your global business development and improve the speed and efficacy of your innovation licensing.

Develop the right strategy to break down potential barriers, gain market access, and optimize pricing in developed and emerging markets.

Understand the competitive landscape of your innovation, develop differentiation strategy and position it to win against the competition.

Plan your resources effectively and optimize financial management.

Driven by Our
Strategic Imperatives

We aspire to be the partner of choice to our collaborators by
focusing on our strategic imperatives.


Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Every decision we take is driven by our vision to make medical breakthroughs available to fulfill the unmet needs of patients.

Innovation - Led

We follow innovation and help our partners bring world-changing ideas to life by breaking down barriers and augmenting the power of people and technology.

Performance - Oriented

We are proud of our team of thought leaders who chase excellence at the highest levels of integrity and ethics.

Propelled by Digital Transformation

We augment human capabilities with artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the impact of healthcare innovation.


We commit to positively contributing to a global carbon-neutral drive and practicing environmental responsibility, having a sustainable impact on our communities.

Bespoke Business Model

We utilize our strong experience in diverse business models in large markets to design robust commercial strategies based on our partners’ strategic priorities to maximize future value of their assets.

Enabling The
Reach To Patients

We are a Swiss healthcare company bridging innovative research in the medical sciences with the unmet needs of patients in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We provide our partners with a launch platform, commercial excellence, and geographical reach powered by deep expertise and complementing capabilities.